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CIE: 10. Life Goes On (in Bangkok)
MP3 24 MB 51 minutes - May 23, 2010
A special episode to show that we all still lived after the riots during May 17 - 21, 2010. Rikker (@Thai101), Greg (@BkkGreg) and me (@hongsyok) shared our expeience during the riots and expressed our views on the effects it made on us as we all lived and were also in Bangkok during the time.
CIE: 9. Hosting a Student by Diane
MP3 23 MB 47 minutes - 9 May 2010
Photo of Mob and Diane
Mob, a guest on Changkhui last year, was an AFS exchange student to Alaska, USA, during July 2008 - July 2009. In April 2010, about 10 months after he came back, his host parents came over to visit him in Bangkok. It must have been an awesome experience, since they arrived during the Red-shirt movement at Ratchprasong intersection. On this episode, we talked to both Diane, the host mother, and Mob to share their life experience in hosting an exchange student.
CIE: 8. Top 10 Thai Movies of 2009 by @WiseKwai
MP3 46 MB 1 Hour 33 minutes - 27 January 2010
Photo of Rikker, Curtis and Passakorn
The same gang from episode 7 regrouped. This time, we took another entry from @WiseKwai blog,, and made an episode out of it. As usual for a company of three that one would steer away from a topic and one would need to pull him or her back, thus, a 90-minute episode. A few of the movies were quite hard to find through normal Thai movies distribution. Oddly enough, those in overseas may have a better chance of finding them than we who live in Thailand.
CIE: 7. Top 10 Thai Movies of the Past Decade by WiseKwai
MP3 39 MB 1 Hour 19 minutes - 6 January 2010
It's been over a year since we had an episode in English. This time, we have a listener who pulled an interesting subject to contribute to Changkhui. Rikker Dockum, our long-time listener, asked if Curtis, AKA @wisekwai, if he would like to share what he wrote on his blog and talk about it. His blog was It was even more interesting when we knew that he could not speak or read Thai, but managed to enjoy it via English subtitles.
Changkhui in English: 6. How Many I's are there in Thai?
MP3 12 MB 25 min. - August 27, 2008
From a guest, we asked if Felix would like to try hosting a program. Because he was quite fluent in Thai so we tried a Thai lesson. This time, it's about how many different ways of saying "I" in Thai. In English, as we all know it, there is only one "I". In this episode, we came up with 10 different ways of "I" in Thai.
Changkhui in English: 5. Pizza Boy
M4A 15 MB 33 min. - Jun 9, 2008
We had a guest on this episode. Felix was our fan, who lived in Pangan Island. He was the one who paid Passakorn a visit during his stop in Bangkok a month ago. We both read an recommended topic in Pantip.Com and shared comments on this episode. Thank you Felix and hope to host an episode with you again, sometime.
Changkhui in English: 4. Lost in Translation
MP3 22MB 48 min. - April 7, 2008
Having attending a presentation recently by overseas company, it triggers us to think of the topic. All these presentations could have been much better if they paid more attention on customers background and, also, the Thai culture. We invited our friend, David B. Aldridge to share his experience in dealing with the situation as both a listener and a presenter. We luckily caught him just a few days before he went overseas.
Changkhui in English: 3. Working with Thais by David Aldridge
MP3 19MB 40 min. - November 19, 2007
This is the same episode as "Changkhui 59". Since it was in English so we decided to put it here as well, otherwise, it might get unnoticed. Passakorn managed to get a classmate to join a session in Changkhui, he was David Aldridge. He had been in Thailand for some time, had been with a multi-national firm and currently with a Thai firm. He gave us his 2cents on interviewing Thai and working with Thai. We touched a little bit on software pricing in Thailand.
Changkhui in English 2: Sigve Brekke
MP3 22MB 49min - April 2, 2007
Image of DTAC and Passakorn
After some relatively easy correspondence, we managed to have a discussion with Sigve Brekke, the CEO of DTAC. We talked about his view on various issues, such as his perception of the use of Internet on mobile phones, Thai cultures, etc. I am sure some of you must have read some these stuffs from his interview elsewhere. But believe me, it's always different when you actually hear it from the source himself. I would have to apologize for the sound quality, though, there were quite a few humming and echoing sounds.
Changkhui in English 1: Jatukam Ramathep
MP3 16MB 35min - March 20, 2007
Image of Matichon Weekly Cover with Jatukam Ramathep 1Image of Matichon Weekly Cover with Jatukam Ramathep 2
We explained our intent for this podcast, and, also, a brief overview of what our 10 podcasts cover. And, in the 2nd half, we covered a little bit about Jatukam Ramathep, which we covered Changkhui and Boy City Chan podcast.

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